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Modern Mata Ortiz | Ancient Pedigree. Modern Pottery.

Welcome to Modern Mata Ortiz

It is a pleasure to offer you the fine pottery of Mata Ortiz, Mexico. Located in the northern provence of Chihuahua, the small village of Mata Ortiz and the surrounding communities are home to a vibrant movement of artists. They create an exceptional style of pottery based on the traditional lessons of their ancient teachers – the people of the Paquim√©¬†Pueblo, also known as Casas Grandes, who lived in the region over eight centuries ago. In accordance with tradition, every element used to create each pot is carefully handmade from natural materials collected in the hills surrounding the village. At the same time, the creative innovations of today’s artists makes for highly collectable fine art that is equally at home in a rustic village or a modern loft!

Here at Modern Mata Ortiz, you will find a wide variety of fine pieces from master artists as well as promising newcomers. Each piece is hand selected and purchased directly from the artist in order to insure high quality and fair trading practices. A percentage of each purchase will go back to the village in the form of donations of school supplies and toys for the children of Mata Ortiz.